Address: 29 Dayboro Road, Petrie, Brisbane 4502
 Phone: 0411 486 393
 International: +61 411 486 393

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lease Agreement

The quickest way to book online is by clicking the “APPLY NOW” button in the top right corner of your screen. You can also call or email us.

Our rates vary depending upon your length of stay. Please enquire here for our rates.

Rent is paid fortnightly in advance or there is an option for full payment to be taken on your arrival.

If you decide to pay the rent two-weeks in advance, this can be done via a credit card (MasterCard, and Visa accepted).
There is also the option to pay the remainder accommodation costs upfront when arriving at the residence, which can be done, via card or bank transfer.

Only one person is allowed per room.

Yes, you will be required to pay a bond, which will be forwarded to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). This is used as a security payment in the unfortunate event of any damage; rental arrears or excess cleaning to the property is required upon your departure. If the apartment is left in an acceptable condition and your rent is paid up to date, then the bond will be returned in full.

Yes, you will be provided with a copy of the Residence Rules as part of your offer. Each Petrie Mill resident is required to follow our Residence Rules.

If you damage or break any of our property then you will be required to pay for the repair or replacement. You will be given notice of this charge and it will be charged to your account. In the event items are damaged when you move out, the cost of repair/replacement will be deducted from your bond payment. If this amount exceeds the amount taken as bond, you will be required to pay any outstanding fees. If there is damage caused by multiple residents, then the cost to fix the damage will be divided between you and the others involved.

Yes, however your rent starts from the date of your tenancy agreement, whether or not you have checked in.

Petrie Mill management staff will endeavour to work out any issues with you.

Petrie Mill management will review your individual circumstance in order to determine the most appropriate outcome. However prior to paying your deposit (which is your first 4 weeks rent) you are advised to have your visa sorted. 
If you notify us 30 days prior to the start of the agreement then all rent paid will be refunded.   

Your rent will not increase for the term of your contract. 

Petrie Mill will endeavour to be flexible on the condition that priority is given to long-term students.

Yes, before your current contract has ended, you will be offered the opportunity to extend.   This will only be offered on the provision that at least one months notice is given and it is dependent on the availability of a room. 

Yes, all our employees have Queensland Government Blue Card certification, a background check that allows us to work with people under the age of 18 years old.   However, the minimum age is 17 years old.

No, we regret that we only have single rooms available.

Management will try and accommodate where possible, however this is to be requested at the time of booking.  

No, the rooms are single accommodation only.  However we have motel accommodation on the same site, it is recommended that arrangements be made at motel reception for your visitor. 

No, for health and safety reasons no animals excluding guide, hearing or assistance dogs are permitted on the premises.   If guide, hearing or assistance dogs are required than the disability access rooms will be booked for the student.


Our rooms have single beds only; each room has their own en suite and is fully furnished.    There are 5 rooms in each hub and the hubs have their own common room with a kitchen.  The common rooms have a lounge, dinning area, fridge and fully equipped kitchen, including microwave.

We have wheelchair-accessible rooms available on the ground floor.    We will work together to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.   

Your clothing, any personal items you wish to bring. If you want to travel light, Petrie Mill has bedding packs available for purchase, so there’s no need to bring anything big with you. All kitchens are fitted out with essentials such as pots, pans, plates, cups and cutlery etc.


No, we do not have a dedicated prayer room, however we can provide you with information on the closest places of worship.

There is a recreation room located on each floor and the recreation rooms have lounges, TV, tables, chairs, table tennis, pool table, study area and verandah.

There is a coffee shop located on the ground floor. Free Wi-Fi is available and there are power points available for charging laptops and phones.

A laundry is located on site for students to use.


We offer single room accommodation and all rooms are fully furnished with their own en-suite. The common areas are all air-conditioned. Rooms have their own individual locks and common areas are swipe card accessed. You will be able to enjoy access to free unlimited Wi Fi internet, communal facilities such as the kitchen, coffee shop, laundry facilities and high level security features.

Free unlimited WI FI Internet is available throughout the Property.

Yes, all utilities including water and electricity are included in your rent.


Our official check-in time is from 2pm and checkout is before 10am. However our reception area will be able to organise, out of hours book in arrangements for students arriving after office hours. Office hours are 8am – 8.30pm however reception assistance is available afterhours for emergencies.

Each hub is fitted with kitchen facilities to allow you to cook for yourself to your own schedule and culinary needs. There are no catered options available but several food outlets are in the shopping centre next door to the accommodation. Meals are available from the Coffee Shop on the ground floor during their opening hours.

Petrie Mill has been purpose built for students and students only, however we also have the Petrie Mill Motel on the same site as the student accommodation, so if your family or friends would like to book in, please get them to contact reception to make arrangements.